Melinda Childs

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer based in Ballarat, specialising
in Graphic Design & User Interface Design.

I am a graphic and web designer that has been working in the design industry for so many years now I forget! I was formally trained as a graphic designer back in 1986, way back when we used bromides!

Outside of design I wrangle 3 children and a dog, Molly. If I am not hanging with these little monkeys I am in the pool, either Swimming or playing Water Polo.

I try to keep things simple. Simple in design, and straightforward in the process.

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Hello, I’m Melinda, I design things.

This website is a snapshot of some of the things that I design, and a little about me. I am a graphic and web designer, mother of three, dog owner, swimmer, water polo player. I have worked across digital agencies in London and Melbourne. I have designed all sorts; created branding solutions,  built websites, designed posters, flyers, business cards, packaging… the list goes on! I have now settled in Ballarat and work with people remotely or locally.

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